Scarlet Kirkand

Iiiiit’s Chrrrrrrristmaaaaaaaas

 So uh yeah, Have a happy Christmas and an amazing new year<3


Everyone’s exited about getting gifts and Christmas and stuff, and I just can’t wait for the Doctor Who Christmas episode.


Some girl who hates me just asked me what ‘yaoi’ ‘yuri’ and what a ‘lemon’ is. Mfw:


Everyone is talking about Christmas and I’m sitting here masturbating writing a fan faction. 


It’s Christmas eve and I’m spending it the first time with my Grandma. (Does that sentence even make sense?) But my family is also with me and my little brother is driving me crazy ah!

It’s not a phase

Mum: My Chemical Romance is a phase, you’ll grow out of it someday.


Hahahahaha no.


sometimes i run my fingers through my hair and imagine that it is someone else running their fingers through my hair and then i feel relaxed and happy but then i feel relaxed and sad.

Austria though

This is just perf

Dirty friends

My friend says the dirtiest jokes, honestly I’ll be saying something about the work like “OMG IT’S TOO FUCKING HARD!” And he’ll be there like:

Hey you can check out my new DeviantArt account here~

And my twitter is here~


I have school in like half an hour and I am tired as fuck, only because I thought it would be a good idea to read fan fictions till one am. 

Gif Story:D

*Every third gif in my folder*

This is you:*Yep….*

This is your best friend:*WAIT WAT*

This is what your parents are like:*HAHAHAHAHHAA*

What you do when you’re alone:*ehehehe Me watching Hetalia*

How strangers see you:*THIS IS SO TRUE*

How the same sex sees you:*oh god*

How the opposite sex sees you:*OMG WAT O.O*

How your crush see’s you:*fuck yeah*

If you had a superpower it would be:*TURTLE POWER*

You in the morning:*ARU*

Reaction to being asked out:*AHAHAHHAA*

Your parents reaction to being asked out:*oh my*

.What you do on Friday nights: *uh…what?*

What you do when you should be paying attention to the teacher:*OMG THAT JUST-YES*

Reaction to failing a subject:*seems about right*

Reaction to passing a subject: *mmhm*

Reaction to graduation:*awh yes*

Feeling about the world:*THIS IS PERF OMG*

Reaction to learning to world is about to end:*OH FUCK*

What your job is: *GIVE ME THIS JOB NAO*

Who you’re going to marry:*yey!*

How your kids act:*Oh my*


People at your funeral: *They better be Kiku-chan*

How god greets you:*OH FUCK YOU TOO GOD.*

Well that was an…interesting life….


So I deleted my old Tumblr account and started a new one and now… I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. I can’t remember how to upload gifs as your background or anything asdfgtkylhgflv. I’m also bored and just pleh.


Oh wow, uhm maybe when I was really young and I used to have a cot in my mum and dads room? I don’t remember much of my childhood really:3